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Thyroid Patient Guides

Thyroid Patient Guides provide essential information on the various types of thyroid disease. They are prepared by and updated regularly by Canadian endocrinologists. Please consult with your primary care provider for additional information relating to your own thyroid condition.

  1. Thyroid Disease: Know the Facts
  2. Thyroid Disease… Overview of thyroid function
  3. To Confirm the Clinical Diagnosis
  4. Hypothyroidism
  5. Thyroid Nodules
  6. Thyroiditis
  7. Hyperthyroidism (Thyrotoxicosis)
  8. Graves’ Eye Disease (Ophthalmopathy)
  9. Thyroid Disease, Pregnancy & Fertility
  10. Thyroid Disease in Childhood
  11. Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Disease
  12. Thyroid Cancer

Please feel free to print our Thyroid Patient Guides as required. Bulk orders are available to healthcare professionals. To order, please send mailing address with quantity required (maximum of 50 per Guide).  Order Thyroid Patient Guides

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