Hypothyroid Patients and T4/T3 Testing – Yes or No

The Thyroid Foundation of Canada recently met with the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (CSEM) about the recommendation on T4/T3 testing for hypothyroidism.  As a result of Thyroid patients’ concerns regarding T4/T3 testing for hypothyroid patients not required we provided feedback to them. CSEM has now further stated, “it is recognized where there still remains a clinical concern, patients may have further testing as appropriate” and CSEM encourages physicians and patients to discuss the possibility of further testing (includes T4 and T3).

A supplementary document “Testing and Management of Primary Hypothyroidism” was recently produced by CSEM on this matter.   Should Hypothyroid patients find themselves in a difficult situation re T4/T3 testing, please feel free to show a copy of this article from the CSEM site to your physician.

CSEM Thyroid Testing and Management Response 2019

(You may print a copy for future needs)

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