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Suggested Reading About Thyroid Disorders

The following books are not available on order from the Thyroid Foundation of Canada but may be found in your local library or book shops.

The Thyroid Gland: A Book for Patients

Hamburger, Joel I. M.D., in collaboration with Michael M. Kaplan, 7th Edition, 1997, W. Bloomfield, MI 48322
An informed patient is a better patient. Perhaps nowhere in medicine is this principle more important than for the thyroid patient, who often requires lifelong medical attention. This book provides material for the patient to study at home, and to review at subsequent visits to the physician.

Your Thyroid: A Home Reference

Wood, Lawrence C., M.D. Cooper, David S., M.D. and Ridgway E. Chester, M.D., 3rd Edition, 1995, Blantine Books, New York, ISBN 0-345-41006-8
Completely revised and updated for the nineties, Your Thyroid: A Home Reference explains what the latest scientific advances can mean to you. It is an essential addition to every home medical library.

Thyroid Disease: The Facts

Bayliss, R.I.S. and Tunbridge, W.M.G., M.D., 3rd Edition, 1998, Oxford University Press, New York, ISBN 0-19-262946-8
This new edition provides patients, their friends, and relatives with an up-to-date, readable acount of disorders of the thyroid and the treatments which are now available; New sections have been added to answer questions frequently asked by thyroid patients.

The Thyroid Sourcebook

Rosenthal, M. Sara, 4th Edition, 2000, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0737304952
If you are a thyroid patient, caregiver or possible sufferer, The Thyroid Sourcebook can provide the guidance, reassurance, and important information you need to manage your health and make informed decisions.

Thyroid Problems: A Guide for Patients

Ivy Fettes, M.D., edited by Fred Saibil, M.D., Coles Publishing, Toronto – Canada, 2001, ISBN 0-7740-3868-3 (available at Coles and Chapters –
Dr. Ivy Fettes, an endocrinologist at Toronto’s Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre since 1980 has drawn on her experience of clinical practice, teaching and research in this guide for patients. This guide offers clear, concise, easily understood information about thyroid problems and their treatment. It will enable patients to make informed decisions about their treatment and help family and friends understand more about these diseases.

The Thyroid Cancer Book

Rosenthal, M. Sara, Sarahealth Press, 2003, ISBN 1-55395-059-3
The first consumer book on thyroid cancer

Rethinking Hypothyroidsim

Antonio C. Bianco, MD, The University of Chicago Press, 2022, ISBN-13
Dr. Bianco is a professor of medicine and a member of the Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition at the University of Chicago, where he runs a laboratory funded by the National Institutes of Health to study thyroid hormones.  Bianco is a former president of the American Thyroid Association. In this book Dr. Bianco explains why the standard treatment for hypothyroidism fails many—and offers an empowering call for change.

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