Facilities for Radio Frequency Ablation of Thyroid Nodules in Canada

ENT Specialty Group

4141 Sherbrooke St West, Suite 625
Québec, H3Z 1B8

(T) – 514-937-3687
(F) – 514- 937-0013

Consultation requests for assessment for thyroid nodules and RFA can be sent by fax at (514) 937-0013 or emailed to: ent@entspecialtygroup.com

We accept consultations from and outside of the Province of Quebec.

Specific questions related to RFA can be emailed to ellassacks@entspecialtygroup.com

Surgeons: Dr Véronique-Isabelle Forest and Dr Michael Hier.

Drs Forest and Hier are both thyroid and head and neck surgeons with over 20 yrs experience in thyroid surgery. They also perform minimally invasive procedures to address symptomatic thyroid nodules. They are professors and teach at McGill University.

We perform RFA for thyroid nodules that cause symptoms such as local pressure, swallowing issues, etc. Also, RFA can be performed on thyroid nodules that cause cosmetic concerns. Additionally, nodules that are hyperfunctional (producing too much thyroid hormone/causing hyperthyroidism) may be suitable for RFA treatment.

Patients can present to their initial consultation with previously performed ultrasound and biopsy reports. Alternatively, if those investigations are not available, we can arrange for it.

For further facility and physician information, please explore our website:  https://entspecialtygroup.com/

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