Thyroid Videos

Ultrasound-guided Thermal Ablation of Thyroid Nodules – Webinar, May 14, 2023, Dr. Jesse Pasternak

Hashimoto’s Disease – Webinar, April 30, 2023, Dr. Hernan Franco Lopez

Rethinking Hypothyroidism – Webinar, April 16, 2023, Dr. Antonio Bianco

Graves’ Disease – Webinar, November 2022, Dr. Anna Lui

Thyroid Eye Disease – Webinar, April 2022, Dr. Kelsey Roelofs

Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Replacement Therapy – Webinar, February 2022, Dr. Hernan Franco Lopez

Hypothyroidism Videos from Viatris – Symptoms of Hypothyroidism / Mary’s Story

Management of Thyroid Nodules – Webinar, November 2021, Dr. Sana Ghaznavi

Panel of Patients and Doctor – Public Education Webinar, March 2021, Dr. Deric Morrison

Dr. Deric Morrison answers Questions – from the TFC 40th Annual General Meeting

Thyroid Research  – TFC’s partnership with the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (CSEM)

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